.........1920's - 1940's........
Large green
Buddy L Bus
Red Buddy L Fire Truck
Old Buddy L Dump Truck
1926 Buddy L Ice Truck
Buddy L Coal Truck
Vintage Buddy L Trains
Old Buddy L Fire Engine
Yellow Buddy L Trencher
Buddy L Tugboat
Keystone Coast to Coast Bus
Keystone Coal Truck
1932 Keystone Circus Truck
1926 Keystone Police Patrol
Red Keystone Fire Engine
Old Keystone Toy Ambulance
1925 Keystone Dump Truck
Keystone Toy Appraisals
Red Keystone Coal Truck
Keystone Packard Toy Trucks
Sturditoy Coal Truck
Blue Sturditoy Police Patrol
Sturditoy Police Patrol Truck
Sturditoy Dump Truck
Old Sutrditoy Traveling Store
Big Sturditoy Sprinkler Truck
1920's Sturditoy Coal Truck
Sturditoy Dairy Truck
Sturditoy Fire Truck
Large Steelcraft Toy Truck
American National Toy Truck
Orange Gendron Toy Truck
Buddy L Truck Link
Big Turner Lincoln Sedan
All Vintage Pressed Steel
Toys Free Antique Toy
Buddy L toys & trucks wanted
Free Antique Toy Appraisals, buddy l coal truck home page Buddy L Museum buying Keystone coal trucks, buddy l fire trucks How to date a Buddy L truck
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Buddy L trains, dump
truck, ice truck or baggage truck  
than anybody in the country
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Rare 1920's
Buddy L Coal Truck
for sale. Free Sturditoy coal truck
price reference guide Buddy L toy
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$ Highest Prices Paid $
$ Highest Prices Paid $
Free Antique Toy Appraisals
Large Buddy L old toy trucks
Buddy L Cement Mixer
1931 Buddy L Locomotive
1933 Blue Keystone Circus Truck
Yellow Buddy L Baggage Truck
Green Buddy L Oil Tanker
Buddy L Jr Dump Truck
1929 Buddy L Jr Oil Truck
Old Buddy L Baggage Truck
Sturditoy Truck Appraisals
Henry Katz Toy Company
Orkin Boats Orkincraft ships
All Vintage Toy Cars
Buddy L Museum buying old buddy l trucks, vintage buddy L toys, antique buddy l toy
trains, old ride on buddy l trains, any antique keystone toy bus or
buddy l toy truck  
Buddy L Road Roller wanted,
Buddy L Express Line Truck,  Buying all  buddy l toys
Buddy L Toy Museum presently
seeking old
buddy l trucks, old buddy
l trains,
vintage buddy l airplanes, and
buddy l toys manufactured 1920's -
1950's Free toy appraisals Email us
Old Buddy L dump truck and
blue 1932
Buddy L Coach Bus
wanted for immediate
purchase.    Buying pressed
steel toys and Buddy "L"
antique toy trucks including
1935 Buddy L Baggage Truck,
all Sturditoy & Buddy L cars

Keystone coal truck
for sale
Free Appraisals
If you have a Buddy L Coal truck or Sturditoy dump truck for sale please contact us today
Also buying
Buddy L Trains in good original condition Buddy L Museum helping collectors
since 1968. 1921-1939
Buddy L Toys and Cars wanted Buying Kingsbury toys and cars
How to date a Buddy L Truck. How to date pressed steel toys. Buddy L Coal Truck Value
Buddy L Dump Truck Appraisals
Buying single toys or entire collections E-mail pictures of your old toy trucks for sale Presently seeking any
large green
Buddy L Bus or red Buddy L Fire Truck with or without accessories.  Whether you have an old
Buddy L Dump Truck, early Buddy L Coal truck or set of vintage Buddy L Trains contact our museum for a
free appraisal.   We are the world's leading experts of prewar
Sturditoy Trucks and all Buddy L Toy Trucks
manufactured before WWl Now Paying thousands of dollars for any
Buddy L ice truck in excellent condition
Buddy L Airplane wanted regardless of condition Buying rare vintage German toys Karl Bub tin car
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Antique Buddy L Fire Truck Vintage Buddy L Dump Truck Wanted
Buddy L Museum buying pressed steel toys including:  Keystone, Buddy L, Sturditoy, Steelcraft
and more. excellent plus condition.  Paying several thousand dollars for any prewar Buddy L ice
are important to us.  Contact us for current prices.  Free antique toy appraisals for any Buddy L
Buddy L airplane and Buddy L Trains Buying pressed steel toys coal trucks fire truck
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Buddy L toy trucks. Free Appraisals
Buddy L Coal Truck History
Buddy L Coal Truck home page and information. 1920's Buddy L Coal truck for sale. Keystone coal truck for sale, sturditoy coal truck for sale
1926 Buddy L Coal Truck
Old Buddy L Toys Appraised ~ Buddy L Truck Identification Page
1920'a Buddy L Coal Truck For Sale Sturditoy Coal Truck Wanted
buddy l coal truck price guide Antique Buddy L coal truck for sale free pressed steel toys prices and information
Keystone Coal Truck Wanted
Antique Toy Coal Trucks wanted for immediate purchase Sturditoy coal truck, Keystone
Coal Truck ~ Steelcraft Coal Truck, Buddy L Coal Truck, American-National Coal Truck,
Gendron Coal Truck. ~  Free Toy Appraisals ~ Buddy
Pressed Steel Toys Identification
Buddy L Trains Wanted
Buddy L Coal Truck For Sale on Facebook  Buddy L Museum buying 1920's pressed steel toys incluiding Sturditoy Coal trucks, Keystone coal trucks Free toy appraisals
1920's Buddy L Coal Truck Information Keystone Coal Truck for sale. Free Toy Appraisals Buddy L Trucks for sale
Buddy L Coal Truck ~ Sturditoy Coal Truck ~ Keystone Coal Truck
Buddy L Museum America's #1 Buying of pressed steel toys. Buddy L was founded by Fred A.
Lundahl in Moline, Illinois when he wanted to make toys that were new, different, and durable.  
Buddy L produced cranes, steamrollers, trucks, trains and construction toys. Buddy L toys
were named after the founder`s son Arthur. Lundahl introduced the line in 1921, starting with a
pressed steel pick-up truck that expanded into a veritable fleet of almost 30 cranes and other
construction toys some five years later. Throughout the years the company that manufactured
Buddy L had many names beginning with Moline Pressed Steel until Mr. Lundahl sold the
company during the depression.  After that the company switched hands a few times before
being sold off in 1995 by SLM International under bankruptcy protection. By 2010, Buddy L it
was owned by Empire Industries of Boca Raton, Florida, a subsidiary of Empire of Carolina
where it has become more of a name than a toy maker. Buddy L Oil Truck Buddy L Ice Truck
Buddy L Coal Truck Buddy L Baggage Truck Buddy L Bus Buddy L Trains  Buddy L Toys
Appraising Vintage Buddy L Toys And
Trucks For More Than Half A Century
Free Antique Toy Price Guide Expert
Toy Appraisers Buddy L Toy Museum
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